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The Electronic Search Tool is an online database containing the texts of Joel Goldsmith’s published books and transcriptions of recorded classes. A joint effort between Acropolis Books, Inc. and The Infinite Way Office produced this powerful tool. It allows you to search for a specific word or phrase and view a list of relevant sources, complete with titles and excerpts.  Use it to create a unique course of study, organized by subject, principle, phrase or quotation, book, or class, among other possibilities. Click here for our detailed user guide.
•To see results only for a particular book, click on the title of the book in the column labeled "BOOKS."
•To find out more about a book, click the title of the book & chapter located at the top of each search result.

Type your search word in the box below and press enter or click the magnifying glass. Search for an exact phrase by placing quotation marks before and after.
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These Electronic Library Search results are provided for your personal study.
They are derived from books and recordings by Joel S. Goldsmith that are copyright protected by US and international laws.